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Welcome to Tibiacast!

Tibiacast is a program which lets you view Tibia through the eyes of other players, record your own in-game adventures or broadcast them in real-time for others to see, and chat with others while doing so.

Latest News

Claim your refunds, and premium for all!

We've opened a page for claiming refunds for unusable premium time. Take a look at your account page to see if your are eligible for refunds. More

Minor update 3.1.63

The client has been updated in order to support the new Tibia version (10.96). As always, you can find the new client in the download section. More

Continuing for another month

We've decided to postpone the end of Tibiacast by one month. That is we'll shut down by the end of July instead of June as was originally planned. More

With hundreds of live broadcasts and many thousand recordings there is always something good to watch on Tibiacast.

Safe by design

Tibiacast was designed from the beginning with fail-safety in mind. The critical parts of the program have been carefully isolated from the rest to minimize the risk.

Trusted by many

Tens of thousands of Tibia players use Tibiacast every day without ever having to worry about losing their account to hackers, or getting their IPs exposed to their enemies.

Swift updates

Whenever a new version of Tibia is released you can count on Tibiacast being updated the same day, usually within a few hours.

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Tibiacast is free to use with no hidden costs or time limits.

Just create an account and watch and broadcast for as long as you like.